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When it comes to glasses, finding the right pair matters. At Monocle, we offer individualized assistance with frame selection in our in-house optical boutique.

Dr. Llemit is passionate about current fashion trends and eyewear. Her experience and broad worldview allow her to help patients select eyewear that complements their unique personality and style. We carry designer brands, as well as independent lines offering highly engineered and eco-friendly frames at affordable prices.

At Monocle, we use digital technology that incorporates frame style, fitting, and wearing parameters to optimize our patients' vision. We offer premium anti-glare coatings that eliminate reflections and block blue light thereby reducing digital eyestrain.

Trying on Eyewear at Monocle

Contact Lenses

When it comes to lenses, one size does not fit all.

We work with all our patients on an individual basis to find contact lenses that are comfortable and correct their vision to the best possible degree. There are many types of contact lenses - each designed to suit different needs and lifestyles. We work with you to find the best options.

Our Brands

Experience Clarity

Great eye care begins with regular eye exams and top-of-the-line lenses. The selection of designer eyewear at Monocle Premier Eye Care is curated to reflect the optical industry’s top leading designers. Our office offers only top-of-the-line lenses to ensure clear crisp vision.

Assorted Eyewear at Monocle
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