What are VUITY™ Eye Drops, and How Can They Help My Vision?

Vuity Eye Drops

Growing older is a blessing, but it often comes with some less-than-ideal side effects. One of the most common of these is presbyopia or age-related blurry near vision.   Many people begin to notice symptoms of presbyopia around age 40—sometimes even earlier. Maybe you find yourself holding menus or your phone farther away to read…

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Top 6 Fall Eyewear Trends for 2022

Stylish Eyewear Frames

Fall brings warmer color tones, soft sweaters, and longer sleeves (and pumpkin-flavored everything). It’s the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe or just add a new stylish accessory that’ll elevate your everyday look. No matter your style, on-trend frames are an easy way to add style points to your outfit. Over the years, we’ve seen…

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Eye Care | Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Man and Woman wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes

Summer is in full swing, and you know what that means—FUN IN THE SUN! Our bodies benefit from spending time in the sun—natural light elevates Vitamin D levels, boosts our moods, and aids nighttime sleep. Overexposure to the sun, however, can be harmful to our health. Chances are you’re already taking steps to moderate your…

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