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Where to Buy Chanel Frames

When it comes to glasses, finding the right pair matters. They need to have the right prescription, of course, but of equal importance is the style of the frames.

When chosen correctly, glasses have the ability to show off our personal style and complement our features… all while giving us that crystal-clear vision we desire.

At Monocle, we’re proud to carry a range of designer eyewear brands that do just that. But the one we’re asked about most often is Chanel Eyewear.

And it’s no wonder. Their diverse collection is high-fashion, luxurious, and offers something for everyone.

But people still often wonder if Chanel is the right fit for their prescription glasses needs.

Here are our quick answers to the 2 most common questions we hear about Chanel Eyewear.

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“Can I get prescription Chanel frames?”

Yes! You don’t need to sacrifice style for practicality.

Any frames can be customized with your prescription to get the look and fit you desire all while giving you crystal-clear vision: a win-win.

All of our in-house eyewear — even the Chanel frames! — can have your exact prescription added for everyday wear.

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“Where can I buy Chanel Eyewear?”

If you’re in the market for a stylish new Chanel eyewear—whether frames or sunglasses—come see us! At Monocle, we carry designer brands, as well as independent lines offering highly engineered and eco-friendly frames at affordable prices. Plus, we offer individualized assistance with frame selection in our in-house optical boutique.

Dr. Llemit is passionate about current fashion trends and eyewear. Her experience and broad worldview allow her to help patients select eyewear that complements their unique personality and style. 
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