An Optometrist’s Guide to Summer Eye Protection

Person(s) wearing sunglasses/eye protection outdoors in sunshine

Summer is a time to wash your worries away and enjoy a bit more flexibility in the days. But while the spirit of summer is a carefree one, it’s important that we don’t forget to properly care for our eyes. Our eyes are at a higher risk for damage during the summer months. Stronger sun…

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What to Expect for Your First Visit to Monocle

Monocle Eye Care Front Desk and Lobby

Routine visits to the eye doctor are just as important in maintaining our overall health as the appointments we set with our primary care providers, dermatologists, and dentists.   Even those with the most seemingly healthy eyes should schedule preventive eye care visits. But if you haven’t been to an eye doctor in a while…

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The Complete Guide to Styes

Young lady covering eyes

You’ve probably heard of styes before. But how can you be sure if your bothersome eye is because of a stye?   First, let’s define a stye. A stye, medically known as a hordeolum, is a small, red, tender, sometimes painful lump that forms on the edge of the upper or lower eyelid.   Styes…

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Staff Spotlight — Meet Dr. Glee-Ann Llemit, OD

Dr. Glee-Ann Llemit, OD

Meet Dr. Glee-Ann Llemit: The giving leader of Monocle with a heart of gold and a love for her family, patients, community, fashion, and karaoke. Dr. Llemit is the owner of Monocle and a licensed therapeutic optometrist and glaucoma specialist. She spends her days educating patients on the importance of eye health and helping them…

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