Fall Eyewear Trends of 2021 at Monocle Premier Eye Care of Houston

Fit For Fall: Eyewear Trends to Try Now

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Finding the right pair of frames is crucial. Like the rest of your wardrobe, your glasses should reflect your personality and aesthetic. There are countless eyewear designs and brands on the scene these days—so no matter your face shape, vision requirements, and style preferences, the perfect frames for you are out there. The challenge is finding them, and Monocle is here to help! This year, an unexpectedly wide scope of trends is dominating the eyewear market—understated frames, bold chunky styles, throwback designs, futuristic shapes, and updates to classic silhouettes. Today we’re sharing our favorites for fall.


The Top 10 Eyewear Trends for Fall 2021

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Cat eye frames. As classic as they are chic, iconic cat eye frames are unequivocally flattering. Many brands have elevated the cat eye, and we’re loving the results.


Transparent frames. Clear and almost-clear frames complement the complexion in a lovely way without overwhelming delicate facial features.  


Chunky glasses chains. Move over, Grandma! Glasses chains are back and are as practical and elegant as ever.


Thick rimmed frames. Bold and memorable, thick frames make a statement and are decidedly fashion-forward. This season we’re seeing fabulous styles in unexpected colors. 


Thin and lightweight frames. Sophisticated wireless and wire-rimmed glasses are an excellent solution for those who want lightweight, no-fuss frames. Sometimes less is more. 


Geometric frames. Offering subtle adjustments to classic styles, geometric frames lend just the right amount of whimsy to elevate a look and turn heads.


Round frames. Chic, versatile, and easy-to-wear, round frames are a timeless option for a range of face shapes. 


Blue light glasses. Blue light from screens can cause headaches and sleep disruption, so it’s no surprise that blue light blocking glasses have risen in popularity over the last year. Monocle offers a blue light coating option on all prescription frames. 


Aviator frames. The nostalgic aviator style is forever on-trend, and this season brands are featuring smart updates to the classic silhouette.

Tortoiseshell frames. Arguably the most flattering neutral for a range of skin tones, tortoiseshell frames are a no-fail option for men and women.

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At Monocle, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right pair of frames. We offer individualized assistance and fitting services with our highly trained staff. At our in-house optical boutique, we stock designer brands and independent lines offering highly engineered and eco-friendly frames at affordable prices. We use digital technology that incorporates frame style, fit and wearing parameters to optimize our patients' vision. We also offer premium anti-glare coatings that eliminate reflections and block blue light, thereby reducing digital eye strain. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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