Find the best frames for your face

How to Find the Best Frames for Your Face

Finding the best frames shape for you

At Monocle, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right frames—that perfect pair that makes you look and feel great—all while addressing your vision needs. Selecting the right frames is a personal process with many factors to consider, and today we’re highlighting the most important ones: face shape, skin tone, style and personality, and comfort. That’s a lot to think about! 


And with so many frame options out there, you may feel overwhelmed. Just know that when you shop for frames at Monocle, our staff is well equipped to guide you through the process.

Frame styles for face shape

Face Shape

Your frames should complement your face shape and facial features. The goal is for your frames to balance your face, enhance the symmetry of your face, and accentuate your favorite features—not to overpower your face. Below we’ve summarized the most common face shapes and which frames usually work best.

Oval | Considered highly proportionally balanced, oval face shapes are longer than they are wide and feature a round jawline. The forehead is usually the widest part of the face, noticeably wider than the chin. 


Oval faces have the most versatility in terms of frame shapes and styles. Most frame shapes will complement an oval face. To accentuate your features, try frames as wide or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face and that have a strong bridge. Consider bold styles and colors! 


Try: all the styes—you could start with aviators or round frames

Avoid: oversized frames or undersized/super small frames 


Oblong | Length is the defining feature of an oblong face. In oblong faces the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are roughly the same width. Though they may look like oval faces, oblong faces are less wide in the forehead.  


Wide, large frames, or frames with interesting or decorative temples will add width to the face. 


Try: square frames, cat-eye frames, or aviators

Avoid: round frames and narrow frames


Heart-Shaped |Heart-shaped faces have a long, delicate chin (like the bottom point of the heart), an angular jawline, and high cheekbones. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face. 


To balance out the width of the top third of the face, try frames that are wider or heavier at the bottom. Light-colored, semi-rimless, or rimless frames will accentuate the jawline. 


Try: Oval frames, cat-eye frames, rectangular frames, and wayfarer frames

Avoid: aviator frames, geometric frames, and square frames


Square | Angular lines, a strong, chiseled jawline, and a broad forehead are all features of a square face shape. 


Oval or round narrow frames and thin frames soften and balance square faces. Boxy, angular frames may make your face look bulky.


Try: wire-rimmed round or oval frames, cat-eye frames, wayfarer frames, or aviators

Avoid: bold geometric frames and square frames 


Round |About as wide as they are long, round faces are defined by their soft, curved features.


Narrow, angular, or geometrically shaped frames will complement a round face. Square or rectangular frames may make your face appear longer and slimmer. 


Try: aviator frames, rectangular frames, square frames, and geometric frames

Avoid: round frames, cat-eye frames, oval frames, and wayfarer frames

Skin Tone

Color is also important. The hue of your frames should complement the undertones of your face, brightening you complexion. Skin tone is typically classified into two categories: warm skin tones and cool skin tones. 


Warm skin tones have gold or yellow undertones. 


Choose frames with a shade that highlights your skin’s glowy warmth. Light brown shades, tortoise, olive green, or beige colored hues will work well for you. 


Cool skin tones have blue or pink undertones. 


Choose frames that won’t wash you out or dull your complexion. Opt for black, silver, tortoise, mauve, blue, and grey colored frames.

Style and Personality

Your frames should be an expression of your personal aesthetic. While some people choose a refined look, others want a more whimsical, funky vibe. At Monocle, we carry a wide range of frame styles so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Think about what kind of versatility you want and need with your frames. Alternatively, you may want to consider multiple pairs for different occasions.


Arguably the most important factor to consider as you try on frames, comfort is specific to your preferences and facial build. Does the bridge bother your nose? Do the frames feel too heavy? Our highly skilled staff will guide you towards frames that feel good on your face and in some cases can adjust your frames to improve comfort.

Best frame shapes for face

Your Fitting at the Monocle In-house Optical Boutique

At Monocle, we offer individualized assistance with frame selection in our in-house optical boutique. With a passion for current fashion trends and eyewear, Dr. Llemit leverages her expertise and broad worldview to help patients select eyewear that complements their unique personality and style. 

When you come to Monocle to select frames, you’ll experience the benefits of our digital technology that incorporates frame style, fitting, and wearing parameters to optimize your vision. 


We carry a range of designer brands and independent lines that offer highly engineered and eco-friendly frames at affordable prices—and we offer premium anti-glare coatings that eliminate reflections and block blue light, thereby reducing digital eyestrain. 


For more information, contact us at 832.735.7332 or


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